Order Forms

Order forms functionality allows user to create collection order by simply uploading Service Request file.

1. Order Forms main window overview

This functionality can be accessed from the left menu under Order Forms option.

Main view contains information about:

1. Name of uploaded file.

2. Number of an order that was created basing on uploaded file.

3. Status of the file.

4. Upload date of the file.

User is able to do following actions:

5. Download existing file for review purposes.

6. Download Service Request template.

7. Upload file to create new order.

2. Uploading the file

When user attempt to upload file the file upload window will appear

User can cancel the action by clicking Cancel button (a)

Or click Browse (b) and select previously prepared file, and click Save button (c) afterwards.

After being uploaded, the file will be scanned for safety purposes. This process can take couple of seconds.

If the file status will not refresh automatically, please re enter Order Forms functionality, by clicking it on the left menu.

3. Creating an order

When file is uploaded and scanned, user can:

1. Download uploaded file for review purposes.

2. Upload updated file if any updates or corrections are required.

3. Create order basing on uploaded file.

4. Delete file.

After user create an order from uploaded file, the order number will appear on the list.

The only possibility to update or make any corrections, after the order was created, is through the Orders functionality.