Reports and Contract documents

If any reports are available for an order you can find them by clicking on the reports button, located on the right-hand side of the order's list.

Note: The list of reports is dependent on the specifications in the Statement of Work (SOW).

In the Reports section you will find many important reports, required by contract.

There are 4 default reports:

  • Client Summary Report
  • Audit Report
  • Resale Report
  • Serial Report

Note: The list of reports is dependent on the program requirements.
How to generate reports
You can generate reports using the search criteria options available.  Click the report you want to generate.

Enter your search criteria and click on the search button.  If your contract is a global program, you may run your report for one or multiple regions. When specifying regional parameters for your report, you may limit the information in your report by countries in the region. Click on the arrow next to the region name to see the list of countries.

Once you have selected "Search" you will see the report results:

You can export the report results to Excel, by clicking the Excel button. Click on the "+" button to expand the other report column information available. This is also available on mobile devices:

Users can change the report column settings by going into their user account settings:
Customize standard reports
Users with the proper account privileges can create custom reports  based on a standard report.

  • Open the report you want to use as the basis for your custom report.

  • Click on the customize button.  A new page will appear that includes all of the fields in the report and the settings related to each.

  • Enter the name for your custom report.
  • You can change the field names by entering the custom field name next to the current field name.
  • You can change the order of the fields in the report output.  To change the order of fields, change the number in Order Display Number field.  Ensure that the numbers used for each field are sequential and do not overlap.
  • You can remove fields from your report by checking the 'Hidden' check box.
  • To save the report, click the Save button.
  • If you do not want to save your custom report, you can cancel the customization by clicking on the Cancel button

The customised report will become available to select, once it has been saved.
It will then be located within Reports – Custom Reports – xxNew report namexx

Contract Documents
The Contract Documents section shows reports from our backend systems.

Note: You will need to have permissions to the regions in order to open the report.
Uploaded Documents
The Uploaded Reports section will give you the option to create catalogues and upload your own reports to the Sims Portal:

To change name of the catalogue/file click the edit option, make the change and click save.