On the Orders page, you will find a list of all orders for a selected contract:

Search and open orders
There is a new search feature in the Sims Portal that allows you to search and filter your orders.
This is how the new functionality works.
1.When you first login into the portal, the system will display orders that were collected in the past year as well as all orders that will be collected in the future dates.

2. To change the search criteria, click on the "Search criteria" button.

3. You can use a keyword to search orders in the record. A keyword can be any word that is available on the dashboard columns. Enter the keyword and click the search button.
4. To change the collection date enter the new "Start" and "End" dates, then click on the search button.
a) You can remove the collection date criteria by clicking on the delete button on the right of the date and then click on the search button.

b) Once you remove the collection date, you will be able to see all orders in the contract.
5. To remove the search window click on the close button.
Click on the order to open and see all the order details:

Add a new order
To add a new order (or create a service request) click the "Add" button:

On the new order form, fill in all required fields:
Required fields are displayed with red asterisk.

Fill the following information:

  • Company:  This is the company where material will be collected
    • Note: For global companies, there will be Collection Company for each country.
  • Address: This is collection address
  • Contact: This is collection contact.

Note: Company, address and contact information will be pre-populated in the database. If any of this information is missing, please contact customer services. You can also add this information on the portal if you have proper permissions.

  • Project Program: Select the project program in your contract is divided into programs.
    • This section is only available for projects that are dived into programs. 
  • Remarks: This is any special instructions that are related to the order you are creating.
  • Agreed/ Requested collection date: This is the proposed date for material to be collected.
    • The actual collection date might change after logistics arrangements.
  • Transport Type: This is the organization that will collect material. (Sims or Client)
  • Activity:
  • Reference Number(s). This is client reference number.

Go to Lot Details tab and specify if material is packed or unpacked by choosing the correct details from the dropdown list, quantity, weight (if required) and click the "+" button.

To finish adding a new order you need to click on Save button. After that buttons to upload documents will be activated.
If you have a list of serial numbers, you can upload them to the Sims Portal by selecting "Upload Serial Numbers" button:

Note: The file with serial numbers should have only one column:

You can also upload any attachments by selecting the "Upload Documents" button:

A new window will appear where you can choose to either "drag & drop" your files or "choose files to attach":

For every uploaded file, you can put a "Client Description" note to help describe attachments (e.g. Order25612_Server List)

Note: Permitted extensions are: xls, xlsm, pdf, xlsx, jpg, doc, docx, msg, jpeg.The file size limit is max. 10MB.
The Uploaded Documents screen will list the added file/s:

To finish the upload please ensure you click the "Save" button
Deleting orders
To delete an order, click on the delete button:

Only orders with the status "NEW" can be deleted.