Redeployment - stock and order creation process.

SimsPortal Redeployment stock and order creation process.

  1. Stock can be checked, and managed by client at any time, and its updated immediately.

We can check any product category to view the detailed list of items and their serial numbers, just by clicking the model name.

Also from there Client can change the “to be redeployed” items by selecting an item(1), and choosing the requires item status (2), marking items as scrap item with status “scrapped”, or freeing them for sales by selecting “ready for wholesales.

There are two ways to add items to virtual basket, and adding them further to redeployment order.

a. From main stock view we can write down (1) how many items of each product need to be added to our basket (2).

This will add random items from each product category to our basket, and to the redeployment order.

b. From specific product view, we can select (1) the items with required serial numbers, and add them to your basket (2).

This will allow us to add only specific items to redeployment order.

2. Order search, and order creation.

On the main orders view, we can see list of all orders created for companies added to GSP.

a. We can use filters to search for specific order.

b. To create an order, please use “+Add” button.

When creating an order, we need to select company, company address, and contact.

Other fields are not obligatory, but will be helpful for identification purposes (for example the reference number).

Items need to be selected prior to order creation process, and they will be automatically added to the order as order lines.

When “SAVE” button will be clicked, this will create a non-commercial order in Vadis.

The Vadis office the order was created in, can be identified by the order number.

Orders can be changed, or deleted only in Vadis.

Items removed form orders, will be added back to redeployment stock, unless their status was changed to differ than “to be redeployed.