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On the Sims Portal, we created a module called "Onsite"

The onsite activity module contain the following:

    1. Search box to allow users to search for activities
    2. Site field show activities from selected site
    3. A table showing a list of onsite activities
      1. The system display all activities that have been collected in the past year and any activities waiting to be collected.
      2. The table contain the following columns:
        • Activity No – this link allow the user to open the link and see/edit details for that particular activity.
        • Site Details – this is the location Site name, City, State/Country.
        • Number of pallets – this is the total number of pallets in the activity
        • Order Number – this is the Order number assigned to the activity.
        • Status – this is the status of the activity
        • Current Location
          • Activity in complete and ongoing status will be displayed as "At client Site".
          • Activity in collected status will be displayed as "In transit"
          • Activity in received status will be displayed as "At SRS Site"
        • Reports – Onsite Checked Items report

Activity statuses

  1. Ongoing – Onsite activities is ongoing. The Activity has not been mark as completed.
  2. Completed – Onsite activities completed but activity has not marked as shipped yet.
  3.  Collected – Load has been shipped. Waiting to be received at SRS site
  4. Received – Activity/Order number has been received at SRS site.
  5. Canceled – Activity has been canceled

Pallet Management
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The pallet Management level contain the following:

  1. Search box to allow users to search for pallets
  2. Site field show pallets from selected site.
  3. A grid with the following information:
    1. PalletNo – a link, to direct the user to a different page to see and edit items assigned to the pallet.
    2. Site Details
    3. Number of serialized items on the pallet.
    4. Sealed – a pallet status
    5. Activity Number – Activity number that the pallet is assigned to. Can be null if a pallet is not assigned to an activity.
    6. Report

New pallet

First step to create a new activity is add a new pallet:

On this page the user is able to do the following:



If the pallet will be used to activity then you will see  list of items assigned to this pallet.

User will be able to remove item on a pallet. Only Items on the activity in ongoing status can be deleted.
Sealed pallet
Seal and unseal a pallet – click on Seal or Unseal button.

    1. If a pallet is sealed, it isn't displayed on the pallet dropdown list when a user is adding an activity.
    2. If a pallet is sealed, no items can be added to the pallet.

New Activity
The New Activity Page contain the following fields to allow user to enter data.

  1. Site – a location of an activity
  2. Service Type
    1. This is a dropdown list of service types.
    2. This is required field.
  3. Comments – A field to enter comments.
  4. Save button


  1. Date Created – This is the date an activity was created.
  2. Status:
    • This will be the status of the current activity
    • If the Status is Ongoing, the user is allowed to add more items.
    • If the status is not ongoing the user is not allowed to add items

In Process

Next step is click the in progress button to start checking in items:
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Add Items

To add items to the activity please go to the Items tab and fill out follows fields:


  • Category
  • Serial Number
  • Asset ID
  • Pallet Name
  • Delete button

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Add Non Serialized Items

To add items without serial numbers please go to the Non Serialized Items tab and fill out follows fields:


  • Package Type
  • Descriprion
  • Quantity
  • Delete button

Image Modified

The Activity Page will contain the following command buttons. . 


  1. Overrule Activity Status
    1. A button to allow user to revert activity status from completed to Ongoing. This is only status overrule a user is allowed to do.
    2. Display a message for user to confirm his/her actions
  2. Collected – the button will be displayed if the Activity is in completed status and the Order number is assigned. (This means a user has attached this activity to an order number)

Adding an Activity to the Order

To add activity on the order user need to:


  • On the lot detail page there is a button Assign Activity to select available activity to add in the order.
    1. The user should be presented with activities in complete status and have not been added to any order.
    2. When a user click the save button the system will assigned the associated Order No on the Activity.
    3. The system will allow user to remove activity as long as the Order is still in status 1.

Image Modified
Connection between Activity and Order will be visible on the Activity section:
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Collected activity


When a user clicks Collected button, the system will ask the user for the following information:


When a user save the collection information the system will do the following:

  1. Change the status to Collected
  2. All serial numbers on the Activity will be populated on the assigned Order pre-alerts file and send to Sims internal system.

Unassigned activity from the Order

When an activity is assigned to the order then address details can't be changed:

But exist possibility to unassign activity from the order. Click on Assign button again and select the blank line from the list and press Save button:

You will be asked to confirmation:

Search items


Last updated on 1 September 2020