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KPI – Key Performance Indicators
KPI's measure how many SLAs were completed on time as a combined % of total SLAs that have originally been chosen to "contribute to Service Project's KPI."
KPI = "x% of SLAs completed on time"
To check a KPI's status, select the SLA menu and select KPI:

You will see the KPI page with different search criteria fields to select from:

You can select KPI details by date range:

By configured KPI type:

By statuses:

Or by Country (if it's a global contract):

Measurement metrics:
% of successful SLAs; success being:
Completion before due date (for time-based SLAs)
Occurrence (for occurrence-based SLAs)
After clicking on the "Show" button you will see the KPI charts, shown by KPI status:

The white section of the KPI graph shows the minimum level KPI for SLA. The grey section shows you the achievement threshold. For this example, minimum threshold is 50% and achievement threshold is 90%:

Last updated on 21 February