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An SLA is an agreement that defines the level of service that a client expects from Sims.
The Dashboard section will allow you to check an SLA's status. Click the SLA menu and Dashboard:

You will see the SLA page with different search criteria fields to select from:

You can select SLA details by date range:

By order number:

By SLA category:

 By Order status:

And by Country (is it's a global contract):

After clicking on the "Show" button you will see the SLA charts, shown by SLA status:

In the example above, you will see two numbers within the "Overdue" orange section. The first one (5) is showing you how many days were declared by SIMS for the step – Check-in – highlighted by the dark grey bottom line. The second number (18) is showing you how many days this step took. Highlighted by the lighter grey top line:Information from the charts can be exported to excel sheet:

On Overview you have more complex information about SLA:

Last updated on 21 February 201